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Triton History

Triton was founded in 1983 to integrate and operate complex offshore search and survey hardware and software. Triton's original objective was to transform the interpretation of analog sonar signals from an art form performed by human operators to a more predictable computer-enhanced data processing system. The technology produced by Triton dramatically changed the industry by automating data manipulation, detailed analysis and interpretation.

Triton has a history of teaming with sophisticated customers in search of solutions for challenging projects. Successful search projects include missile debris, mine and explosive ordnance, archeology, shipwrecks and aircraft debris. Triton customers received the first commercial, digitally-generated sonar mosaic software in 1989; the first stereo 3D seafloor rendering software/hardware in 1990; and the first commercial Windows-based Isis® work station for sidescan sonars and SBP in 1993.

Since its inception in 1983 Triton has built a loyal, worldwide community of customers that use its products and services in a wide variety of applications. Triton customers include naval mine-hunting units; commercial survey companies; government hydrographic organizations, oceanographic institutes; marine archeologists; treasure hunters, offshore diamond miners; and homeland defense agencies. Triton's collaboration with its diverse group of customers contributes to the ongoing development of practical, advanced software technologies.