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Triton Imaging is a developer of high-performance, highly automated software tools for seafloor mapping and underwater imaging applications. Our products are designed to acquire, process, fuse, visualize, and interpret data from a wide array of seafloor imaging sensors including: sidescan sonars, single and multibeam echo-sounders, seismic sub-bottom profilers, and many other scan-based information streams.

Technology Profile

Triton pioneered commercial data acquisition and data processing products for seafloor imaging applications. The standard format for seafloor imaging is the XTF -- the eXtended Triton Format.

Triton excels at complex system integration, sophisticated visualization platforms, and rapid product prototyping of new imaging concepts.


Today Triton is implementing new technology initiatives that provide a broad range of answers to the increasing demand for advanced system capabilities, including visualization technology for scan-based security products for homeland defense.

Since 1993, Triton has provided industry leading software for the collection of and processing of marine geophysical datasets. In 2008 Triton introduced its new Perspective™ product line for data processing, which facilitates the fusion of diverse data types into comprehensive, accurate solutions. This innovative architecture takes advantage of the latest in software technologies including: multi-core parallel processing, indexed cache files, workflow wizards, XML project files, multi-resolution tiling, and dB-based rendering to deliver products that are fast, accurate, efficient, easy to use, and that provide the tools necessary for a broad range of real-world marine applications.

Triton's new sonar-based solutions provide everything needed for conducting marine geophysical surveys. Our complete software packages include tools for survey planning, accurately recording sonar and ancillary data, real-time navigation & sonar quality monitoring, and production processing of collected marine geophysical datasets, with integrated interpretation tools to validate data quality. Whether surveying from surface vessels, ROVs or AUVs, Triton software has the tools needed to provide the highest quality results from multibeam, sidescan, interferometric singlebeam, and subbottom, systems!


Triton's mission is to continue as a world-class leader in advanced/intuitive imaging software through its commitment to continuous R&D, through its recruitment of superior staff and through an in-depth understanding of the market. The true power of Triton imaging technology lies in its “intelligent connectivity”; the ability to acquire and combine data from a myriad of sensors and ancillary software, and to automatically present the results in an intuitive manner.


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