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Triton values its industry partnerships and its customers.  We believe that collaboration is conducive to the development of practical, state-of-the art products.  Government organizations, commercial entities and research institutions worldwide use Triton products for survey planning, digital acquisition, real-time quality control, automated processing and interpretation, and total data fusion. Some of our new partners focused on hardware R&D are experiencing firsthand the power of Triton’s new, rapid prototyping environment as well as our team's enthusiasm for developing products.


Triton has built a loyal, worldwide community of customers that use our products and services in a wide variety of applications. Triton customers include naval mine-hunting units; offshore survey companies; hydrographic institutions and oceanographic institutes; treasure hunters and offshore diamond miners; archeologists and geologists; and homeland defense agencies.


Presented below are links to some of our industry partners and customers.  For convenience I separated our Industry Partners into the four main categories below. Please click on the links for more information.








NATO Undersea Research Centre

Reporting to the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, the Centre conducts world class maritime research with products in support of NATO's operational and transformational requirements. The Centre maintains extensive partnering to expand its outputs, to promote maritime innovation and to foster more rapid implementation of the research products.

US Geological Survey (USGS)

The USGS serves the Nation by providing reliable scientific information to describe and understand the Earth; minimize loss of life and property from natural disasters; manage water, biological, energy, and mineral resources; and enhance and protect our quality of life.



Fugro collects and interprets data related to the earth's surface and the soils and rocks beneath. On the basis of this data the Company provides advice, generally for purposes related to the oil and gas industry, the mining industry and the construction industry.


Seahorse Geomatics

SEAHORSE Geomatics, Inc. provides industry leading Hydrographic support services utilizing a streamlined practical approach. As a Hydrographic Helpline, we provide cutting-edge solutions for your demanding survey requirements both on and off the water. Whether you are new to Hydrography, or have been involved for decades, we provide professional guidance that advances your group to new Hydrographic capabilities. Based in Portland, Oregon USA and serving Hydrographers and Hydrographic projects globally.


CSUMB Seaflor Mapping Lab

The Seafloor Mapping Lab is located on the California State University, Monterey Bay campus. It specializes in field-to-finish marine habitat survey work from the Arctic to the Antarctic.


Port of Los Angeles

The Port encompasses 7500 acres, 43 miles of waterfront and features 26 cargo terminals. Combined, these terminals handle nearly 150 million metric revenue tons of cargo annually.


C&C Technology

C & C provides a wide range of survey and mapping services for the land and offshore oil and gas industry, the telecommunications industry and the US government.  The company has five divisions including; Land & Transition Zone Survey Division, the Marine Construction Survey Division , the Geophysical & Geosciences Division , the Geotechnical Division and the Worldwide DGPS Services Division .



Oceaneering is an advanced applied technology company that provides engineered services and hardware to Customers who operate in marine, space, and other harsh environments.



The Panama Canal Authority

ACP is the entity of the Government of Panama established under Title XIV of the National Constitution with exclusive charge of the operation, administration, management, preservation, maintenance, and modernization of the Canal, as well as its activities and related services, pursuant to legal and constitutional regulations in force, so that the Canal may operate in a safe, continuous, efficient, and profitable manner.




Enjoying international prestige with its ultra-deepwater technology, is producing petroleum in offshore fields at competitive prices, going to even greater depths. It is attracting the interest of oil corporations around the world, with which it is signing partnership agreements for exploration and production of its reserves in the vast Brazilian continental shelf. Opening up the area of exploration and production to international partners created, in turn, E&P opportunities in other parts of the world, especially where Petrobras know-how can contribute to further business. One example of this is the increasing presence of the company in the Gulf of Mexico, and off the West coast of Africa, where its deepwater experience adds value to the projects.


Vigo University

Vigo University

Established in 1990, the University of Vigo has managed to consolidate itself in time as a reference of modernity and innovation in Galicia. Its three campuses at Ourense, Pontevedra and Vigo offer degree programs in the fields of science, humanities, technology and legal-social. These are distributed over nearly thirty centres where research groups also carry out their R&D activities. A network of own centres completes the research infrastructure map of the University of Vigo, which has been ranked fifteenth in the classification of Spanish universities for its scientific production.


Navy Crest

The Royal Australian Navy

The Royal Australian Navy recognises the enormity of managing the natural environment. Complex ecosystems, diverse meteorological patterns, endangered animal species and unpredictable events, along with many other variables, make the management of the environment an intricate task. As part of the ongoing process of environmental management, the Navy is working towards meeting energy reduction targets as set out by the Prime Minister in his environmental statement delivered in December 1992.


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Rutgers University

Curiosity about the world and a commitment to solving problems are the passions that drive a research university. At Rutgers, students work side-by-side with nationally renowned professors to advance knowledge — and improve lives. In the sciences, humanities, social sciences, agriculture and many more fields, Rutgers research continues to break new ground. Rutgers, the eighth oldest college in the nation, is an outstanding place to learn about social, economic, and political challenges, as well as scientific advances, historic milestones, and cultural trends. We support our academic tradition with superb research facilities, a top-ranked library system, and a sophisticated computer network.



Nos propres moyens d’imagerie acoustique, via un sonar à balayage latéral EGG 272 TD (EDGETECH), avec la chaîne de traitement en temps réel de TRITON ELICS (Isis Sonar, Survey Office, Triton Map) permettant le "mosaïquage" en direct et l’intégration sur un système d’information géographique. 



Scripps Institution of Oceanography Research

at Scripps encompasses physical, chemical, biological, geological, and geophysical studies of the oceans. Ongoing investigations include the topography and composition of the ocean bottom, waves and currents, and the flow and interchange of matter between seawater and the ocean bottom or the atmosphere. Scripps's research ships are used in these investigations throughout the world's oceans.


Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.

The mission of the Institute is to provide the State of Georgia with a nationally and internationally recognized center of excellence in marine science. This is achieved through the development of strong internal research programs across a broad range of subdisciplines. Research activities at the Institute are conducted on scales ranging from local economic and environmental issues to global processes and phenomena. The Institute conducts leading edge research on marine and coastal systems, trains tomorrow's marine scientists, serves as a gateway to marine environments, and integrates University System marine programs.  We are committed to excellence in research and education and to the communication of our understanding of marine systems.



T. Baker Smith, Inc.

TBS has provided professional engineering, surveying and environmental services to private, public and industrial clients in south Louisiana, the Gulf Coast and beyond for nearly a century. Today, our tradition of professional service with a personal touch is stronger than ever.



Texas A&M's

Texas A&M's rare triple designation as a Land-, Sea- and Space-Grant institution reflects the broad scope of its research endeavors, with ongoing projects funded by such prominent and diverse agencies as NASA, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research.



US Army Corps of Engineers

Our military and civilian engineers, scientists and other specialists work hand in hand as leaders in engineering and environmental matters. Our diverse workforce of biologists, engineers, geologists, hydrologists, natural resource managers and other professionals meets the demands of changing times and requirements as a vital part of America's Army.




One of the most important resources in our society is information. NOAA supplies information to its customers that pertains to the state of the oceans and the atmosphere.  NOAA also is the steward of national coastal and marine environments. In coordination with federal, state, local, tribal and international authorities, NOAA manages the use of these environments, regulating fisheries and marine sanctuaries as well as protecting threatened and endangered marine species.



NSWC Panama City

NSWC Panama City teams with industry to provide RDT&E, acquisition, and in-service engineering support to Navy program sponsors and the Fleet. Its strategic location affords local test environments that closely duplicate many of the coastal and littoral regions most important to Navy missions today.



Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

HCMR was set up as a single institution in order to integrate government-funded marine science research in Greece. Formally established by government decree on June 3, 2003, it combines the former research institutes NCMR and IMBC, together with their respective field stations. The Institute carries out research and offers a varied range of services in areas such in biogeochemistry, marine technology and marine meteorology, measurement and forecast sea state, as well as in the coastal environment, operational oceanography and open sea oceanography.



Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center

Through continually changing exhibits that provide new experiences and a sense of wow, Odyssey establishes a social venue for people of all ages, gender, race and ethnic background to interact and construct meaning of human connections to the seas and waterways in an evolving, enjoyable and educational way. Among the key concepts introduced are: Intermodalism, resource management, international trade, environmental protection, safety at sea, and the importance of ensuring a skilled, competent, and dedicated workforce.



Florida Atlantic University

Research plays a vital role in fulfilling the mission of Florida Atlantic University. We share the University’s goal of discovering and exploring truth, and understanding and improving lives. From biotechnology and ocean engineering to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease; from Florida’s ecosystem to its transportation systems — faculty and student researchers at FAU are tackling real-world problems to improve life and safety. The role of the Division of Research and Graduate Studies is to lead the way in research, scholarly and creative activities, and graduate initiatives that impact FAU and the world around us.



Canadian Navy

The role of ADAC(P) is to support the effective use of underwater acoustics in maritime warfare for the Commander Maritime Forces Pacific.  To execute our mandate, we analyze all passive and active acoustic data gathered by Iroquois and Halifax class ships, Victoria class submarines, route survey equipped MCDVs and 407 (MP) Squadron Auroras.

Finnish Navy

Finnish Navy

The Finnish Navy is responsible for maritime surveillance, repelling territorial violations and safeguarding vital sealines of communication. Finland´s 675 nautical miles of marine border, its shallow and rock-strewn archipelago, long, dark and icy winters and the vital importance of sea transport to Finland´s prosperity make the Navy´s field of operations littoral, unique and challenging. The Navy comprises the headquarters and seven units and establishments including naval and coastal elements.


Exxon Mobil Corporation

Exxon is committed to being the world's premier petroleum and petrochemical company. To that end, we must continuously achieve superior financial and operating results while adhering to the highest standards of business conduct.


Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

FFI is the prime institution responsible for defence-related research in Norway. The Establishment is also the chief adviser on defence-related science and technology to the Ministry of Defence and the Norwegian Armed Forces’ military organization.


Marine Advanced Technology Education Center

MATE is a national partnership of educational institutions and organizations working to improve marine technical education in the U.S. and to meet the workplace needs of America's marine-related workforce and employers. Headquartered at Monterey Peninsula College, the MATE Center is one of eleven Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Centers established with funding from the National Science Foundation's ATE Program


Applied signal

Applied Signal Technology, Inc

Applied Signal Technology, founded in 1984, is a leading provider of advanced digital signal processing systems, products, and services in support of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). Our customers include the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, the Department of Homeland Security and allied governments. We also provide specialized solutions to commercial industrial partners.


Naval History Center

Naval Historical Center's Underwater Archaeology

The Naval Historical Center's Underwater Archaeology Branch advises the Navy in matters related to historic preservation of U.S. Navy ship and aircraft wrecks. An underwater archaeologist oversees and coordinates this program that deals not only with archaeology and conservation, but many sensitive issues such as war graves, unexploded ordnance, potential use of recovered weapons systems, and complicated legal issues dealing with title and the illegal removal of property from wrecks.



University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Over the past decade, UNCW has strengthened its undergraduate teaching and overall academic excellence to become one of the top 10 public universities in the South.   UNCW is recognized nationally for its marine biology program and offers a Ph.D. – in marine biology, one of only three such degrees available on the East Coast.



University of Patras

On the international scene the University is very active, participating in a large number of European and international Educational and research programmes and consortia and in all major academic associations. Its forefront scientific research has been recognized internationally.


University of South Florida

University of South Florida

Since opening for classes in 1960, USF has developed into one of the nation's major public research universities. USF is classified as Doctoral/Research Extensive by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and is ranked among the top 100 public research universities in the annual report "The Top American Research Universities." The University receives more than $250 million a year in external funding to support research and development projects.


75th Anniversary

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

WHOI is dedicated to research and higher education at the frontiers of ocean science. Its primary mission is to develop and effectively communicate a fundamental understanding of the processes and characteristics governing how the oceans function and how they interact with Earth as a whole. AOPE engineers design a wide array of instruments, vehicles and observing systems that extend the reach of WHOI scientists and the entire oceanographic community to the furthest depth and breadth of ocean research and exploration.


Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

Since establishment in 1966, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) has grown an international reputation for excellence in marine science research and education, and is the second oldest marine lab on Monterey Bay. MLML is operated by a consortium of seven California State University campuses (Fresno, Hayward, Monterey Bay, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and Stanislaus), with consortium undergraduate and graduate students taking courses or pursuing their Masters of Science degrees at MLML.


NZ Navy

New Zealand Navy

The New Zealand Defence Force comprises some 9,000 regular force and 2,500 territorial force Service men and women and 1,900 civilian staff across the armed services of Navy, Army and Air Force, operating as Three Services – One Force.  We have a proud tradition extending from service in the South African War over 100 years ago to the present. Peace support operations have been a major element of our operations in recent years. New Zealand was a member of the "force of the willing" which recently brought stability to the country of Timor Leste. This mission demonstrated our philosophy of joint operations combined with the forces of our allies and friends.


RPM Nautical

RPM Nautical Foundation

The RPM Nautical Foundation uses the latest technology to explore the ocean and advance research in nautical archaeology. Introduce yourself to the experts and view photographs of the study sites, the equipment, the dives, and the recoveries.


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Applied Acoustics

Applied Acoustics

Applied Acoustic Engineering is a leading company in the design and manufacture of a wide range of subsea navigation and positioning products, and marine seismic survey equipment. The extensive product range includes the innovative USBL tracking system, Easytrak, a variety of positioning and release beacons and seismic sub-bottom profiling equipment for offshore geotechnical and seabed analysis. All products use acoustics, underwater sound waves, in location, positioning, navigation and data acquisition applications.




Benthos is a world-leading supplier of oceanographic and offshore equipment and was one of the first companies to meet the growing needs of scientists and engineers working in the deep sea. Among the products Benthos currently produces are side scan sonar systems, geophysical survey systems, glass flotation spheres, hydrophones, modems, acoustic releases, pingers and remotely operated vehicles.



EdgeTech Marine

Sonar systems for marine applications with commercial, government and research customers: side scan sonars, sub-bottom profiler, multi-pulse (multi-ping) side scan sonar, Full Spectrum ("chirp") sonar systems, digital sonar systems, combined side scan sonar/sub-bottom profiling systems, side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler towfish.




GeoAcoustics is a leading manufacturer of sonar equipment for surveying the seabed and the layers immediately below it. Products include wide swath bathymetry systems, side scan sonars and sub-bottom profilers, with systems suitable for all water depths and survey vessels types, including ROV and AUV mounting.




IMAGENEX helped pioneer modern imaging sonar technology, and they continue to lead the way, pushing the performance boundaries of our high resolution sonar units. With continuous technological advancements, compatibility, portability and overall ease of use, IMAGENEX sonar systems set the industry standard as the most specified sonar systems world wide.


I3 Klein

Klein Associates

Since its founding in 1968, Klein Associates, Inc. has been a pioneer in the development of side scan sonar, sub-bottom profilers and related instruments and accessories for undersea search and survey. We design, manufacture and support equipment which has a worldwide reputation as the standard of excellence in the industry.


Kongsberg Maritime


We provide innovative and reliable solutions for shipping, offshore, subsea, navy, coastal marine and fisheries, ship and fleet management, maritime training, port and harbour surveillance and more.



Kraken Sonar Systems

Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. is a marine technology company engaged in the design and development of high performance sonars and acoustic sensors for military and commercial applications. We're leading developers of Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS), an advanced sonar technology used for ultra-high resolution seabed imaging.


Marine Sonic

Marine Sonic Technology

Founded in 1990, Marine Sonic Technology manufactures and sells high quality, high resolution Side Scan Sonar systems. They build towed systems as well as embedded systems for AUVs, and offer Side Scan Sonar systems in a number of frequencies.



Norbit Subsea

Norbit Subsea is a supplier of instrumentation and communication solutions. The company has innovated a range of acoustic based sensors including a new wideband multibeam sonar, plus high datarate powerline telemetry solutions for wireline applications.




R2Sonic was founded in February 2006 by three veteran underwater acoustical engineers with the mission to utilize their experience to bring high quality, leading edge underwater acoustic products to the private and public sectors with a focus on customer needs. Their SONIC Series of multibeam echosounders represents a paradigm shift in multibeam technology. The application of innovation and technology has dramatically reduced the system size and complexity while doubling performance.



Teledyne RESON

The Reson Group offers underwater acoustic solutions:  multibeam echosounders, single-beam echosounders, data acquisition and presentation software, transducers, and hydrophones for hydrographic surveys, offshore oil and gas industries, dredging, pipe-cable laying, and security.



SIG France

S.I.G. manufactures sparker/boomer energy sources, from 100 to 10.000 joules, since 1967. SIG sparker-electrodes remain a reference in sound-sources. Key of the signal quality, the electrodes are still subjects of research and development. SIG16 hydrophone streamers are used worldwide for high resolution seismics and V.H.R. seismics. The range of streamers extends from small single-channel streamers to long multi-channel streamers.



Soacsy is a high-tech company that focuses on the development of acoustic systems in the field of seabed characterization. Soacsy designs, manufactures, implements and distributes its industrial acoustic systems. Customer satisfaction is our key motivation and careful attention is paid to the quality of products and services.



Innovation and performance have maintained Sonardyne’s reputation for technical leadership and today our products are recognised for their dependability and advanced design. In the world’s most challenging subsea environments, our solutions deliver accuracy and reliability giving our clients the confidence to operate successfully at any water depth. Sonardyne’s product range is extensive. It not only includes acoustic positioning and tracking systems, but also now sonar imaging, inertial navigation, motion sensing, wireless communication and autonomous monitoring systems.



Syqwest Inc.has a dedicated staff of professionals whom strive to provide exceptional and innovative acoustic solutions to our global marketplace. Our engineering staff has over 150 years of combined experience in sonar and acoustic solutions. We have provided innovative product designs for applications in; marine hydrographic and geophysical surveying as well as military sonar markets worldwide. Our principal technologists are prior employees of Raytheon and have significant experience in the design, manufacturing and support of sophisticated acoustic instrumentation. Our products are of the highest quality and are “best of breed “in price and performance characteristics. Over the past ten years we have delivered over 3,000 sonar systems to satisfied customers worldwide.

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Seismic Asia Pacific

Seismic Asia Pacific - Darra Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Geo Marine Technology Co., Ltd.

Geo Marine Technology Ltd - Shanghai/Hong Kong, CHINA


Haiying Marine - Wuxi, CHINA

Smartsea Tech

Smartsea Tech - Wuxi, CHINA

Tek Meridian

Tek Meridian, Beijing - CHINA

Laurel Technologies

Laurel Technologies - Beijing, CHINA


Orangelamp, Beijing - CHINA


Enou Technology Co., Ltd. - Shanghai, CHINA


Seatech China Co., Ltd. - Guangzhou, CHINA


EIVA A/S - Hasselager, DENMARK

ECA Robotics

ECA Robotics - Toulon, FRANCE


J. Bornhoft Industriegerate GMBH - Kiel, GERMANY

George Messaritis

Stephen Messaritis - Athens, GREECE

Elcome Marine Services

Elcome Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. - Mumbai, INDIA


GBT Offshore - Palermo, ITALY / Valetta, MALTA

SEA Corporation

SEA Corporation - Urayasu-City, JAPAN

Oyo Corporation

OYO Corporation - Ibaraki-ken, JAPAN


Oceantech - Seoul, KOREA


New Zealand Ocean Technology - Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Kongsberg Maritime - Horton, NORWAY




Geomatics Centre Ltd. - Moscow, RUSSIA


Marimeter - St. Petersburg, RUSSIA


Electronic Design Systems - Aberdeen, SCOTLAND


Hydronav Services Pte Ltd. - Singapore, SINGAPORE

Dragon & Elephant

Dragon & Elephant - Kaohsiung, TAIWAN


Servo - Ankara, TURKEY


GeoAcoustic - Norfolk, UK

Seafloor Systems

Seafloor Systems - California, USA

Harvey Lynch

Harvey-Lynch - Texas, USA


Teledyne Benthos - Massachusettes, USA

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