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As a service to our customers, Triton can provide complete geophysical survey systems. Through our industry partners equipment available from Triton includes industrial workstations, most major sonars, high energy shallow seismic systems, as well as AUVs, USVs and even complete hydrographic survey vessels through our partnership with the ECA Group.

Please refer to the sections below for more information on the hardware offered through Triton.


Triton has a long history of supplying rugged, high quality geophysical acquisition systems for use in the offshore industry. Although all of our A/D boards and software can be installed on any COTS computer some groups find benefit in purchasing a complete hardware / software solution as the baseline system, with locally sourced computers as backups.


Workstations are available in a 4U rack-mounted chasis or as a rugged portable laptop. Prior to shipment, all workstations are thoroughly tested with Triton software, and sonar simulators for acquisition systems. Specifications for our industrial workstations can be found at:   Industrial Workstation PDF. Note that these specifications can be customized to meet specific program needs.

Rugged portable laptops provided by Triton are designed to meet the exact needs of our customers so generic specifications are not available. If you are interested in having Triton build and test a rugged workstation, please send us the minimum specifications that will meet the needs of your program.

National Instruments Boards

For analog seismic acquisition using Triton SB-Logger™, two National Instruments PCI32 boards are required to interface to the seismic hardware. The first is a National Instruments 4474 24-bit A/D board that will convert the analog signal from the seismic streamer to a digital signal for processing, display, and storage by the Triton SB-Logger software. The second board needed is the National Instruments 6601 counter/timer card (CTC). This card will provide the trigger signal to the seismic energy source as controlled by the acquisition software.

Click these links for the specification sheets for the NI 4474 and NI 6601 boards.

SIG France Sparker/Boomer Systems

Triton Imaging, Inc. is an experienced provider of single-channel, high-energy shallow seismic acquisition systems from S.I.G. France. Our extensive history in project management and system integration ensures that all aspects of your survey needs will be accounted for. The proposed system is a complete turnkey system with all required hardware and software suitable for a variety of seismic applications.

For more information or to request a system quote, please contact our sales team at:

ECA Survey Vehicles

In 2010 the ECA Group purchased Triton Imaging for the purpose of having an integrated software solution for their geophysical surveys vehicles, primarily their AUVs (Alister9, Alister18, & Alister27), USVs (Inspector), and hydrographic vessels (Simba). In partnership with the ECA Group, Triton software has been fully integrated into their vessels for real-time data acquisition and processing.

For more information regarding ECA survey vehicles, please visit the ECA Group website or contact us at:

Integrated Systems

Through strong industry partnership, Triton can deliver completely integrated sidescan, subbottom, and multibeam acquisition systems that can include an AUV, USV and/or hydrographic survey vessel from the ECA Group, sonars from the major commercial manufacturers: Reson, Klein, Edgetech, etc., Triton workstations, and Triton acquisition and processing software.

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