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Triton's academic program provides university students and instructors access to our new Perspective processing software. Perspective was designed with an easy to learn interface, with all the tools Triton has developed over the past 25 years for processing bathymetry, sidescan and subbottom data.

Small short courses can benefit from the ease of use provided by processing in Perspective allowing the class to focus on the science involved and less on learning to use a software package. In depth graduate studies can take advantage of the advanced interpretation tools and the combined processing/GIS framework to gain a better insight into their geologic environment. These features make Perspective ideal for teaching multibeam, sidescan and/or subbottom data processing in a classsroom settings.

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Education License Details

• Enrollment in Triton's academic program is
 limited to educational institutions for
 instruction purposes only.

• Instructor licenses extend for the entire
 academic year and can be renewed on a
 yearly basis.

• All student academic licenses are machine
 based and extend for the duration of the
 course (Quarter or Semester).

• Additional student licenses can be
 requested for research projects.

• Access to software updates is provided
 for all academic licenses.

• Documentation and support are included
 in Triton's academic program.

Included Software

Perspective Map