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Triton software offers a complete solution for the offshore surveying community, from collecting raw data to producing final products. With over 25 years of development, Triton has created a suite of products that continue to meet the changing needs of the modern surveyor. Our drive for continual improvement coupled with our mission to meet every customer's needs has produced powerful products with unique tools for maximizing data quality.

Click the following link for details on how Triton software can meet your surveying needs:

  The Triton Advantage

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Software Imagery

If you are unfamiliar with the capabilities of Triton software, in addition to the images shown to the right, the Software Imagery page presents examples of processed data some acquired with Triton software others with sonar manufacturer software.

Slideshows and posters are available for viewing and download at the following link:

  Software Imagery

Demo Licenses

Before deciding to make a purchase, Triton offers free 14-day software demonstration licenses. The temporary license is machine-based to allow for sending via email. Sample projects are available if needed. Also, if you send us some of your data, we can create a small demo project for you using your data.

To obtain a temporary "machine license" , please download and run the SecurityGen application from the link below:

Download link: SecurityGen

Please email us with the machine number or for more information on our demo license options at: or call us at +1-831-722-7373.



Purchase Inquiry

Triton Imaging is available worldwide for software and hardware sales. From our headquarters in Capitola, CA, USA
or one of our many software resellers, Triton software can be shipped to any location that receives mail. For offshore
sales, dowload links are used for sending machine-based licenses and software installs.

If you would like to contact Triton Imaging directly, our contact information is available here:

  Contact Us

To find a local software reseller, please refer to the following list:

  Triton Software Resellers

Academic Program

Triton's academic program provides university students and instructors access to our new Perspective processing software. Perspective was designed with an easy to learn interface, with all the tools Triton has developed over the past 25 years for processing bathymetry, sidescan and subbottom data.

For more information, please visit our academic program page at:

  Triton Academic Program