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Triton Customer Testimonials


Presented below are some recent comments from Triton customers regarding the use of Triton software compared to our competition's software.

SML Project Manager: L3 OCEANIA, Australia

“I would like to add (from a PM perspective) that the technical support provided by you and your team have been excellent. We now have a high degree of confidence that Perspective will both pass and exceed the Commonwealth’s expectations.”


Geologist: Ramboll Survey, Denmark

“I have compared the processing and exporting of your software and the [competition] software. I have seen massive improvements in the quality when using your software compared to [your competition].”


Route Survey Officer: GEOINT New Zealand

“I am about to recommend that Perspective be considered as the leading contender for the replacement of [your competition]. I do find it a much more user friendly application and … considerably more stable and user friendly than your opposition’s software."


Geologist: Fugro Norway

“Compared to [competition], this software is much more user friendly and generally faster.”


Survey and Geoscience Specialist: INTECSEA, USA

“The subcontractor has been producing mosaics for us with [your competition]. Not very nice ones as it happens so far. They haven`t paid enough attention to the near nadir beams TVG. Yours looks much nicer!"


Commander: US Mine Warfare Command UUV Platoon

“The Triton Imaging, AUV-Suite PMA software had robust and advanced capabilities with an operator-friendly graphical user interface, better than any PMA software package observed or used by the UUV Platoon.”


Sr. Field Technician: USGS Marine Operations

"Over the last 20+ years, the USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Triton Imaging Inc. We’ve used many of Triton’s products, most notably Sub-Bottom Logger and Isis for the vast majority of our field data-acquisition needs in high-resolution seismic and side-scan operations. Triton’s professionalism and expertise allows for rapid modifications in order to meet our mission-specific requirements. Their customer support especially in field/tech support has always been very timely, in fact almost immediate, resulting in maximum data collection capability while at sea. Triton’s products continue to evolve interfacing with both older and current state-of-the-art sonars as well as new and emerging technologies."