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Triton offers a complete end-to-end solution to meet the needs of the hydrographic community, military organizations for mine counter measures, harbor police for port security, exploration and development of offshore resources, habitat mapping, offshore scientific research programs, search and discovery for emergency response as well as wrecks and other archeological sites, plus many other applications requiring geophysical survey data.

Triton software is primarily focused on multibeam echosounder (MBE), sidescan (SSS), interferometric (IFM), singlebeam echosounder (SBE), and subbottom (SBP) surveying; and is designed for surveying with surface vessels, remotely operated vehicles (ROV), and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV).


SS-Logger MB-Logger Perspective Map BathyOne MosaicOne SB-Interpreter

Over the past 25 years, Triton has developed an advanced set of software tools to meet the growing geophysical survey industry. These tools are available to the survey community as individual software modules, packages including multiple software modules for each phase of the survey, and full software suites to provide an complete end-to-end solution.

Suites, Packages, and Modules

Software Suites

For a complete software solution for offshore surveying, Triton's software suites include everything needed for mission planning, data acquisition, real-time survey monitoring, and post-mission processing and interpretation.

Triton's sonar-based software suites are for offshore surveying using these sonar types:

  multibeam - sidescan - interferometric - singlebeam - subbottom

Triton also offers vessel-based software suites to meet the particular needs of surveying with autonomous and remotely operated vehicles:

  AUV surveying - ROV surveying

Descriptions of our software suites and which packages/modules are included can be found on our Software Suites webpage.

Software Packages

Triton offers both customized solution-based software packages to meet each projects' specific needs, and pre-defined software packages for each phase of offshore surveying as described below:

  Isis Offshore™ - data acquisition package

  SurveyPro™ - mission planning and real time data support package

  Perspective™ - advanced data processing and interpretation package

Descriptions of our software packages and which modules are included are presented on our Software Packages webpage.

Software Modules

Individual software modules are available for all aspects of offshore geophysical surveying from mission planning through data interpretation. All software currently available from Triton is described on our Software Modules webpage.

As indicated above, Triton software is modular in design to allow for customized solutions for each customer. For customized solutions it is recommended that you contact us to determine which modules work best together to meet your specific needs. Note that Triton can also provide custom software modules upon request but development resources may be required depending on the scope of the request and the relevence to our development goals.

Triton Utilities

Triton offers a variety of utilities for converting raw data formats and correcting errors in the raw data files. These utilities are free to Triton customers currently under support!

For a list of format converters, tools, and drivers available from Triton use the link below:

  Software Utilities

Triton Sonar Compatibility

Triton software works on a variety of platforms with most of the major sonar manufacturers. Use the link below for a list of sonars that Trion interfaces with or can process data from:

  Software Compatibility

What's New at Triton

Triton software is continuously in development, upgrading current features as well as adding new functionality to meet the changing needs of the survey community.

Click on the link below to see the latest developments at Triton:

  What's New

SevenCs Nautical Chart Software

Triton has partnered with SevenCs to provide Triton customers with a complete software solution for marine geophysical surveying, from survey planning and data collection to producing and updating nautical charts.  Based in Hamburg, SevenCs develops S-57 chart display Kernels for ECDIS, WECDIS and other maritime applications, software, and professional maritime navigation software.

With the ECDIS kernel, ENCs can be displayed as background imagery within Triton Perspective. SevenCs ENC production and distribution tools provide the user with a complete charting solution with the ability to update existing ENCs, or to create new ENCs or paper charts.

Please contact us for more information about SevenCs nautical chart display and navigation software.