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Legacy Software Suites


In addition to the new software suites and packages recently created, Triton still offers what we refer to as our "Legacy" software suites designed for particular survey applications.

Presented below are three of our most popular legacy suites.

  • HarborSuite™ - image-based underwater port security system

  • ROV Flight™ - real-time tracking of remotely operated vehicles

  • AUV-Suite™ - integrated software for processing AUV data

Other software packages such as Fusion Office and SS-Office are also still available upon request. Please contact us for more information regarding available legacy suites.




Triton Imaging has brought to bear its significant experience and technical assets in underwater imaging, mapping, visualization, and system engineering to develop a solution for underwater port surveillance; this solution is called HarborSuite. HarborSuite is an integrated system that provides solutions for the three most important problems in underwater port security: Seabed Monitoring, Vessel Delousing, and Underwater Situational Awareness. A key component of HarborSuite is a fast-access data review system for port and harbor dive units to quickly and accurately review and analyze seabed image data collected by port hydrographic survey operations. HarborSuite enables harbors to monitor the seabed within a port for placement of IEDs or other potentially dangerous objects.




The ROVFlight™ software works in conjunction with the TritonNav™ and TritonMap™ modules to track remotely operated vehicles in real-time on a mosaic, Bathy DTM, electronic nautical chart, or other available map-based survey data. The position of the ROV is received through a serial port and is represented by an icon on the user-selected geo-referenced background in TritonMap™, thus allowing the operator to guide the ROV towards a specific location while avoiding obstacles visible on the dataset. Simultaneous graphical display of ship position is also supported.




Triton's AUV-Suite™ software provides a full spectrum of tools for the processing, analysis, and display of AUV-collected sidescan, SAS, multibeam, and high-resolution seismic sonar data. The suite includes a comprehensive set of Triton software modules operating in an integrated geo-coded environment for rapid, accurate processing and fusion of AUV multi-sensor data. AUV-Suite is in use today in defense, hydrographic, search and survey, and academic applications to process data from a wide variety of vehicle/sensor packages. AUV-Suite has been recommended by U.S. Navy COMINEWARCOM,"…for use on any shipboard U.S. UUV system."