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Triton BathyOne™ is an embedded software module within Perspective™ and is included in the Perspective-MB product package for the processing and interpretation of multibeam, single-beam, and interferometric sonar data. BathyOne™ processes all bathymetric survey data including: sound velocity, tides, sensor offsets, squat, and vessel motion data, and creates accurate bathymetric maps and images, gridded XYZ data sets, GSF files, QC layers for data validation and IHO compliance, and other information required for the production of high-resolution bathymetric models in hydrographic, geophysical, and military applications.

BathyOne™ is very easy to use and requires only simple operator inputs to drive the underlying computations. This level of automation makes it well suited for applications where a detailed examination of the seabed is the primary requirement. When using bathymetry to locate mines, track pipelines, study marine geomorphology, and for other applications where a high-resolution model of the seabed is required, BathyOne's automation tools eliminate much of the labor-intensive, manual effort that is common in more classical processing applications. Manual and statistical cleaning tools are included in BathyOne™ for removing sonar noise, identifying 'designated' soundings, and for interpretation of objects seen in the gridded results or in auxilary data loaded into Perspective.

Presented below are some of the tools available in

A-B Change Detection

The A-B tool allows the user to subtract a bathymetry DTM or CUBE grid from any overlapping grid layer loaded in Perspective. This tool is commonly used for repeat surveys of ports and harbors to rapidly identify objects that were not present in the previous survey. Limits can be set to constrain the size of the objects to be detected, plus apply a static tide offset to remove the tidal difference from the results. Other applications for this tool include monitoring sediment accumulation in reservoirs, and monitoring the migration of sand bars in rivers.

2D Swath Editor

Triton's 2D swath editor is available as a stand alone application or embedded within Perspective, and is used to change beam flags for the displayed soundings. Beams can be flagged as good, bad, or as designated so their depth be used as the chosen depth value for the grid cell it is included in. Within Perspective, the Swath Editor is linked to the map view for enhanced interpretation of noise seen in the gridded results. The Swath Editor includes three 2D views of the ping data: the typical across track view, an along track view, and a top view colored by depth.

3D PFM Area Editor

The 3D PFM Editor is an area based editor primarily used for changing sounding beam flags. Launched by drawing a box in the Perspective map view, the 3D editor can be used to manually edit beam flags or to apply a statistical filter for automated data cleaning. In addition to data cleaning, the 3D editor is a great tool for data interpretation, allowing a 3D view of the processed sounding data for any object seen in the gridded results or in any auxiliary data loaded in Perspective.


Geocoder is available with Perspective and works on some data types for processing backscatter and snippet data. Processed amplitude data can be exported from Geocoder as GeoTiff or XYA files for import into Perspective.


Performance/Ease of Use
• Exploits multi-core processor architecture
• Performance scales with number of cores
• Drag & drop/wizard-based operation
• One-button operation for repetitive processing tasks

• Common and custom map projections/datums
• Correct for tides, sound velocity, and vessel squat
• CUBE processing options
• QC grid layers for data validation
• A-B automated change detection tool
• Backscatter/Snippet processing with Geocoder™

Display and Output
• Graphics and imagery layers
• Vector survey tracks
• Pan, zoom, roam options
• Palette, transparency, and histogram controls
• Bathymetric shading and color coding
• Data fusion for enhanced interpretation
• Output as XYZ, BAG, GeoTIFF or Google™ Earth KML

• GIS-based interface and processing environment:
  Triton Perspective Map™ (included)
• Sidescan mosaicing with:
  Triton MosaicOne™ (optional)
• Seabed segmentation/classification with:
  Triton SeaClass™ (included)
• Target acquisition and processing with:
  Triton TargetOne™ (optional)
• Subbottom processing and interpretation with:
  Triton SB-Interpreter™ (optional)

PDF Guides

BathyOne Guide

Bathymetry Processing Guide
Workflow oriented user guide for data processing and interpretion.

XML Utilities

XML Utilities Guide
Instructions for preparing tide, SVP and squat data in XML format for data processing.

Swath Editor Guide

2D Swath Editor User Guide
Overview of the swath editor options with a handy shorcut key list.

Navigation Processing Guide

Navigation Processing Guide
Discussion of different workflows for best processing results.

SeaClass Guide

SeaClass User Guide
Workflow presentation for classifying bottom types from backscatter or snippet processing.

Perspective Guide

Perspective User Guide
Comprehensive user guide for Perspective.

YouTube Videos

Bathymetry Processing Video

BathyOne Demo Video
Processing of R2Sonic from Shallow 2012 Common Data Set in Triton Perspective.

Swath Editor Video

Swath Editor Video
Demonstration of the basic swath editor functions.

Sidescan Processing Video

Sidescan Processing Demo
Demonstration of sidescan processing options in Perspective-SS.

Advanced Sidescan Processing Video

High Quality AUV SideScan Mosaic
Using Triton Perspective to create high quality mosaics from data acquired by an AUV.

Perspective Mosaic Clip Video

Perspective Mosaic Clip
Using a polygon to limit the extents of the processed data.

XTF Snip Lines Video

XTF Snip Lines Demo
Using the Snip Line tool in Perspective to prepare AUV data for processing.

CAD Target Guide

Perspective CAD Demo
Demonstration of Triton's computer aided object detection module in Perspective.

SeaClass Guide

SeaClass Demo
Demonstration of Triton's bottom classification module in Perspective.

TechWeb Guides

 • Perspective Interface

 • Perspective Bathy Processing

 • Perspective Custom Projections

 • Installing S-57 Charts



Perspective Install
This is the installation file for BathyOne™ and Perspective Map™.

3D Editor

3D Area Editor (32-bit)
3D Area Editor (64-bit)
Additional files needed for the 3D area based PFM editor. Click here for installation instructions.

Note: The Perspective 3D Edit program uses
Qt version 4.7.2, a cross platform application and UI framework that is licensed under the GNU LPGL. Copyright © 1991, 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

External Apps

Global Mapper

Global Mapper™
Low cost solution for creating smooth sheets from processed results.


Google Earth™
Free global visualization application for viewing KML exports in a 3D Earth model.


Sentinal Drivers

Sentinal Dongle Drivers
Dongle driver installation executable.


Utility for modifying where data is stored in the XTF file so it can be correctly interpreted by Triton software.



Kongsberg ALL to XTF File
New ALL file converter with the option to choose the provided XYZ solution or to process to raw beam range/angle data.


Reson S7K to XTF File
Converter for S7K files for Reson 7 series sonars.

Email Triton for zip file passwords and/or demo software licenses.

This product is built to work under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


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