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Triton BathyPro™ is a powerful bathymetry processing package designed for the challenges of modern single-beam and multibeam surveys. BathyPro™ offers the flexibility of producing grid, contour and sounding files to any user-defined specification. Triton BathyPro™ is the result of years of cooperation between Triton hydrographers and industry surveyors, and provides the processing engine behind the real-time display of gridded data during data acquisition.

Since the processing algorithms in BathyPro™ were embedded into Perspective and enhanced to provide our users with a more sophisticated bathymetry processing application, BathyPro™ continues to provide high quality results for real-time and is offered as a low cost solution for post processing singlebeam and multibeam data.

Presented below are some of the tools available in

Single-beam Processing

For single-beam echosounder data collected as XTf formated files, BathyPro™ can process the survey navigation and singlebeam data to produce TIN models of the data, XYZ grid files, and DXF files of all soundings or the griddes results. Decimated chart soundings can be saved as well as contours of the collected data.

Real-time Multibeam Processing

During acquisition of multibeam data, BathyPro™ can be used to process and grid data in real-time for display in TritonMap™. This allows the operator to alter the survey plan to ensure full coverage or gather more data upon features of interest.

Calibration & Patch Test

Included with BathyPro™ is Triton's Patch Test tool for determining offsets to compensate for biases and latencies present in an integrated multibeam system. The patch test will automatically compute optimal offset values from a set of overlapping survey lines using either bathymetry or (for greater accuracy) sidescan data. For collecting good quality data, it is very important that the patch test is performed prior to starting a survey with the results applied in real-time during acquisition.

Fast, Automated Batch Processing

BathyPro™ gives the operator control over processing. Bathymetry data can be processed automatically or interactively. In automated mode, the operator chooses processing parameters to edit and tag unacceptable data points. Line files can be processed in batch mode, or selected portions of a line can be specified based on ping range.

Data Filters

When processing multibeam data, the raw file remains unmodified and a database is built for points that have been flagged during processing, allowing the user to re-evaluate suspect points. Filters that can be applied to the soundings include:

  • Beam Quality

  • Angle from vertical

  • Beam number

  • Depth Range

  • Gradient

  • Slant Range

2D Swath Editor

Triton's 2D swath editor is available as a stand alone application to be used with BathyPro, and is used to change beam flags for the displayed soundings. Beams can be flagged as good, bad, or as designated so their depth be used as the chosen depth value for the grid cell it is included in. The Swath Editor includes three 2D views of the ping data: the typical across track view, an along track view, and a top view colored by depth.


Performance/Ease of Use
• Fast processing with minimal user input
• Batch processing for large datasets
• Save settings to project files

• Common and custom map projections/datums
• Processes single-beam and/or multibeam data
• Corrects for tides, sound velocity, and vessel squat
• Real-time gridding option for data QC
• Patch test module for geometry corrections
• Automated beam suppression filters
• 2D Swath Editor for manual data cleaning
• Backscatter/Snippet processing with Geocoder™

Display and Output

• Display of DTM in TritonMap
• Output processed soundings as GSF, DXF, or ASCII
• Output decimated chart soundings
• Output flagged or bad soundings
• Generate contours from soundings as DXF file

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PDF Guides

BathyPro Guide

BathyPro Processing Guide
Data processing guide with patch test instructions.

BathyPro Training Guide

BathyPro Training Guide
Training powerpoint for BathyPro.

TechWeb Guides

 • BathyPro Quick Guide

 • Patch Test Instructions

 • 2D Swath Editor Guide

 • ALL to XTF Instructions

 • Processing Syqwest Singlebeam Data

 • Processing C3D Swath Bathymetry



BathyPro Install
This is the installation file for Triton Suite which includes BathyPro™ and TritonMap™.


Sentinal Drivers

Sentinal Dongle Drivers
Dongle driver installation executable.


Utility for modifying where data is stored in the XTF file so it can be correctly interpreted by Triton software.



Kongsberg ALL to XTF File
New ALL file converter with the option to choose the provided XYZ solution or to process to raw beam range/angle data.


Reson S7K to XTF File
Converter for S7K files for Reson 7 series sonars.

Email Triton for zip file passwords and/or demo software licenses.

This product is built to work under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


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