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Triton MosaicOne™ is an embedded software module within Perspective and is included in the Perspective-SS product package for the processing and interpretation of sidescan and SAS sonar data. MosaicOne™ was designed for ease of use, versatility, and image quality, and makes the production of high quality geo-registered sidescan mosaics a simple process. This new software employs the latest in software technologies including: multi-core parallel processing, indexed cache files, workflow wizards, XML project files, multi-resolution tiling, and dB-based rendering to deliver advanced capabilities such as the innovative one-button mosaic feature.

MosaicOne™ images are created by simply dragging and dropping raw data files into the Triton Perspective multi-layer map view. On dual and multi-core PCs, high-resolution mosaics are produced in seconds rather than minutes. Innovative processing options such as nadir delete, far range clipping, and single-channel select, coupled with a comprehensive set of navigation processing tools, result in superior quality mosaics. Advanced bottom tracking tools allow for improved position accuracy for objects seen in the waterfall or mosaics, and for the acquired targets. The constrain to polygon, heading filter, and snip line tools allow for easily removing lines turns from survey results.

Presented below are some of the tools available in

Waterfall Viewer

For data interpretation, the waterfall view alsways will offer the highest resolution view into the collected data. Traditionally the problem with waterfall interpretations was the lack of context in the geospatial domain. To overcome this issue, the waterfall viewer in Perspective is cursor locked witgh the map view to link features seen in the waterfall view with the processed mosaic or any other data loaded in Perspective. The waterfall view is also used for launching the bottom tracking and TVG tools. Annotation tools in the waterfall allow objects to be marked or delineated directly in the waterfall and then transferred to the map view as points, features or DXF files.


Objects or features seen in the waterfall view or in the map view can be captured as targets. Captured targets are loaded into TargetOne for measurement and classification. Saved targets are automatically displayed in both the map and waterfall view and can be exported as GeoTiffs, with the measurements and classification information written to an ASCII or PDF report. For automated target detection, the waterfall viewer includes a CAD module which utilizes TargetOne and allows the user to specify targeted object size. Results are automatically measured and displayed in TargetOne for review.


Triton SeaClass is an advanced seabed segmentation/classification module that automatically characterizes bottom types based on statistical properties of mosaiced sidescan or multibeam backscatter data. SeaClass is based on a multi-layer perceptron supervised neural network. Please refer to the SeaClass webpage for more information: SeaClass


Performance/Ease of Use
• Exploits multi-core processor architecture
• Performance scales with number of cores
• Fast setup, wizards, drag and drop
• Drag & drop/wizard-based operation
• Interactive or batch processing
• One-button operation for repetitive processing tasks

• Common and custom map projections/datums
• Auto-delete nadir and fill from adjacent line
• Single channel auto-flip
• Interactive move line to align features
• Auto and manual TVG options
• Snip XTF by line or polygon
• Computer Automated object Detection (CAD)

Display and Output
• dB based imagery with high dynamic range
• Vector survey tracks
• Pan, zoom, roam options
• Palette, transparency, and histogram controls
• Annotation tool for digitizing features
• Waterfall display of raw data
• Data fusion for enhanced interpretation
• Output as GeoTIFF or Google™ Earth KML

• GIS-based interface and processing environment:
  Triton Perspective Map™ (included)
• Bathymetry processing and editing with:
  Triton BathyOne™ (optional)
• Subbottom processing and interpretation with:
  Triton SB-Interpreter™ (optional)

PDF Guides

MosaicOne Guide

Sidescan Processing Guide
Workflow oriented user guide for data processing and interpretion.

Navigation Processing Guide

Navigation Processing Guide
Discussion of different workflows for best processing results.

SeaClass Guide

SeaClass User Guide
Workflow presentation for classifying bottom types from backscatter or snippet processing.

Perspective Guide

Perspective User Guide
Comprehensive user guide for Perspective.

YouTube Videos

Sidescan Processing Video

Sidescan Processing Demo
Demonstration of sidescan processing options in Perspective-SS.

Advanced Sidescan Processing Video

High Quality AUV SideScan Mosaic
Using Triton Perspective to create high quality mosaics from data acquired by an AUV.

Perspective Mosaic Clip Video

Perspective Mosaic Clip
Using a polygon to limit the extents of the processed data.

XTF Snip Lines Video

XTF Snip Lines Demo
Using the Snip Line tool in Perspective to prepare AUV data for processing.

CAD Target Guide

Perspective CAD Demo
Demonstration of Triton's computer aided object detection module in Perspective.

SeaClass Guide

SeaClass Demo
Demonstration of Triton's bottom classification module in Perspective.

TechWeb Guides

 • Perspective Interface

 • Perspective Sidescan Processing

 • Perspective Merge Line Utility

 • Perspective AutoTVG Tool

 • Perspective Bottom Tracking Module

 • Perspective SeaClass Module

 • Perspective TargetOne Module

 • Perspective CAD Tool

 • Perspective Custom Projections

 • Installing S-57 Charts



Perspective Install
This is the installation file for MosaicOne™ and Perspective Map™.

External Apps


Google Earth™
Free global visualization application for viewing KML exports in a 3D Earth model.


Sentinal Drivers

Sentinal Dongle Drivers
Dongle driver installation executable.


Utility for modifying where data is stored in the XTF file so it can be correctly interpreted by Triton software.



Edgetech JSF to XTF File
File converter with the option to include bathymetry for the interferometric sonars.


Klein SDF to XTF File
Converter for SDF formatted files.


Marine Sonic MST to XTF File
Converter for MST formatted files.

Email Triton for zip file passwords and/or demo software licenses.

This product is built to work under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


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