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Triton Perspective Map is the foundation of the completely new Triton Perspective product line and forms the GIS-based map environment for the Perspective -MB, -SS, & -SB product packages. Perspective Map integrates the BathyOne™, MosaicOne™, SB-Interpreter™, TargetOne™, and SeaClass™ software modules into a cohesive suite capable of processing, fusing, and displaying bathymetric, sidescan, and seismic data.

Data processing is performed with user-friendly wizards and interactive settings panels. Processing within a GIS environment allows access to the raw data from the processed results. Perspective combines raw and processed data from multiple sensor types within a GIS context with co-registered survey tracklines, satelite or other GeoTiff imagery, electronic navigation charts, seabed classification areas, plus DXF vector and ASCII point files. This cursor-linked data fusion greatly improves the users ability to interpret objects or artifacts seen in the data, allowing for improved data validation and increased confidence in the results.

As a stand-alone data processing package, Perspective meets the needs of internationally-recognized agencies regulating survey quality and deliverables including IHO Standards & Publications, NOAA and NOS survey specifications and deliverables, and CHS standards for hydrogrpahic surveys. Results from Triton Perspective can be output in standard formats for further processing and/or interpretation in third-party applications.

Presented below are some of the tools available in
Perspective Map™:

Navigation Processing

For each survey data file loaded into Perspective, the navigation is automatically extracted from the raw data and copied into cache files for processing without affecting the original raw data file. Navigation processing options include selecting the source for navigation and heading data, applying a speed filter, and smoothing the navigation using a running average. Processing survey data navigation can be done on a single file at a time or all files listed under each data type. For files with poor navigation, repeat smoothing can be performed.

Profile Tool

The profile tool in Perspective works on bathymetry grids, DTM and CUBE quality control layers (density, standard deviation, uncertainty, number of hypotheses, & IHO compliance), as well as on sidescan mosaics. The profile tool is used by drawing a strait or multi-segment line in the map display. All grid files and mosaics that intersect the drawn line will be included in the profile display. It is also possible to generate a profile of a selected navigation line. Profiles can be exported from the profile display as DXF or as CSV files.

Multple Map Diplay

For comparing overlapping layers, Perspective has the ability to launch separate windows for each grid or mosaic layer loaded in the project. This is a great tool for change detection from repeat surveys, comparing bathymetry QC layers with gridded results for data validation, comparing the same location with multiple data types for geohazard analysis or oil/gas exploration, measuring the offset between objects seen in overlapping sidescan lines ran in opposite directions, etc. Options for syncing the scale and extents of the multiple windows with the main map display allow users to zoom and pan in all windows simultaneously.

Custom Cursor

The information display in Perspective always shows the coordinate of the cursor position in the map view in both Latitude-Longitude and the local UTM zone for that location using the WGS84 datum. For users that work in other projections or datums, Perspective has the ability to display the current cursor position in the Custom Cursor display in any projection. Perspective uses the 'Proj4' projection libraries with an online database of common projections, and has with the ability for manual entry of projection and datum details.

Database Query (optional)

Upon request Perspective can come with a database query option for managing large datasets. Data can be automatically loaded and unloaded based on the map extent and a user-defined date range. This is a great tool for managing daily surveys of the same location for port security, or for managing high-resolution surveys that cover large areas.


Performance/Ease of Use
• Exploits multi-core processor architecture
• Performance scales with number of cores
• Common interface for all Perspective modules
• Drag & drop/wizard-based operation

• Common and custom map projections/datums
• Accurate seven parameter transforms
• Import XTF, SEGY, XYZ, GeoTIFF, DXF, S-57, etc.
• Measure/annotate/digitize
• Navigation processing/smoothing/merging

Display and Output
• Graphics and imagery layers
• Vector survey tracks
• Pan, zoom, roam options
• Multiple map views for overlapping data
• Palette, transparency, and histogram controls
• Bathymetric shading and color coding
• Set zoom 'Regions' for quick map roaming
• Data fusion for enhanced interpretation
• Output as XYZ, GSF, BAG, HTF, GeoTIFF, CSV, DXF,
  IVS™ SD, or Google™ Earth KML

• Bathymetry processing and editing with:
  Triton BathyOne™ (optional)
• Sidescan mosaicing with:
  Triton MosaicOne™ (optional)
• Subbottom processing and interpretation with:
  Triton SB-Interpreter™ (optional)
• Target acquisition and processing with:
  Triton TargetOne™ (optional)
• Seabed segmentation/classification with:
  Triton SeaClass™ (included)

PDF Guides

BathyOne Guide

Bathymetry Processing Guide
Workflow oriented user guide for data processing and interpretion.

MosaicOne Guide

Sidescan Processing Guide
Workflow oriented user guide for data processing and interpretion.

SB-Interpreter Guide

Subbottom Processing Guide
Workflow oriented user guide for data processing and interpretion.

Navigation Processing Guide

Navigation Processing Guide
Discussion of different workflows for best processing results.

SeaClass Guide

SeaClass User Guide
Workflow presentation for classifying bottom types from backscatter or snippet processing.

XML Utilities

XML Utilities Guide
Instructions for preparing tide, SVP and squat data in XML format for data processing.

Perspective Guide

Perspective User Guide
Comprehensive user guide for Perspective.

YouTube Videos

Bathymetry Processing Video

BathyOne Demo Video
Processing of R2Sonic from Shallow 2012 Common Data Set in Triton Perspective.

Swath Editor Video

Swath Editor Video
Demonstration of the basic swath editor functions.

Sidescan Processing Video

Sidescan Processing Demo
Demonstration of sidescan processing options in Perspective-SS.

Advanced Sidescan Processing Video

High Quality AUV SideScan Mosaic
Using Triton Perspective to create high quality mosaics from data acquired by an AUV.

Perspective Mosaic Clip Video

Perspective Mosaic Clip
Using a polygon to limit the extents of the processed data.

XTF Snip Lines Video

XTF Snip Lines Demo
Using the Snip Line tool in Perspective to prepare AUV data for processing.

CAD Target Guide

Perspective CAD Demo
Demonstration of Triton's computer aided object detection module in Perspective.

SeaClass Guide

SeaClass Demo
Demonstration of Triton's bottom classification module in Perspective.

TechWeb Guides

 • Perspective Interface

 • Perspective Bathy Processing

 • Perspective Sidescan Processing

 • Triton SB-Interpreter Guide

 • Perspective TargetOne Module

 • Perspective SeaClass Module

 • Perspective Merge Line Utility

 • Perspective Custom Projections

 • Installing S-57 Charts



Perspective Install
This is the installation file for Perspective Map™.

External Apps

Global Mapper

Global Mapper™
Low cost solution for creating smooth sheets from processed results.


Google Earth™
Free global visualization application for viewing KML exports in a 3D Earth model.


Sentinal Drivers

Sentinal Dongle Drivers
Dongle driver installation executable.


Utility for modifying where data is stored in the XTF file so it can be correctly interpreted by Triton software.


Utility for modifying coordinates, plus changing header values for units and number of traces per ensemble.



Kongsberg ALL to XTF File
New ALL file converter with the option to choose the provided XYZ solution or to process to raw beam range/angle data.


Reson S7K to XTF File
Converter for S7K files for Reson 7 series sonars.


Edgetech JSF to XTF File
File converter with the option to include bathymetry for the interferometric sonars.


Klein SDF to XTF File
Converter for SDF formatted files.


Marine Sonic MST to XTF File
Converter for MST formatted files.


Triton XTF to SEGY File
Converts data recorded in an XTF subbottom channel to a SEGY formated data file.

Email Triton for zip file passwords and/or demo software licenses.

This product is built to work under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


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