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SB-Interpreter Subbottom Processing Subsurface Lithology

Triton SB-Interpreter™ is now available as a module embedded within Perspective and is included in the Perspective-SB product package for the processing and interpretation of shallow high resolution seismic data. Triton SB-Interpreter™ offers a powerful set of tools for enhancing imagery, digitizing reflectors, and exporting results that can be used in reports and other seismic interpretation packages. SB-Interpreter™ is very easy to set up and operate and is the ideal tool for quickly analyzing sub-bottom engineering data (e.g., site surveys, pipeline and cable routes and buried pipe locations) as well as investigating shallow geologic hazards or looking for gas expulsions.

Currently SB-Interpreter™ is offered as a stand-alone application and also embedded within Triton Perspective. Both implementations have the same processing tools and can display borehole data (lithogy, XDP data, etc.) overlain on the seismic profiles. The main advantage to the new Perspective integration is the fusion with bathymetry and sidescan processing all in one GIS-based application.

Presented below are some of the tools available in

Profile View

This is the primary display of the subbottom profile data which allows the user to review the trace data and digitize reflectors. Several filters can be applied to the data including: bandpass, stack, AGC, and TVG. Other display options include cross line indicators, image reversal, slope and distance measurements, pan and zoom, and cursor tracking with the map display.

Reflector Digitizing

The bottom track can be used for automatically defining the seabed reflector. Included in the bottom tracking routine is a swell filter to remove vessel heave from the profile display. Additional reflectors can be drawn using the reflector digitizing and editing tools. Reflector exports include XYZ of the reflector nodes or thicknesses between layers, and can include original SEGY trace header information.

Borehole/Point Features

Subsurface information such as borehole lithology or down-hole geophysical measurements can be imported into Perspective as 'Feature' files. The position of the subsurface information is displayed in the map view, with the ability to project the subsurface information onto a subbottom profile within a user-defined distance from the borehole. Subsurface information is diplayed by applying a color map for each unique sample type found in the imported files.


• Common and custom map projections/datums
• Exploits multi-core processor architecture
• Performance scales with number of cores
• Automated SEG-Y load and caching
• Map-based display of geo-coded survey data
• Graphics and imagery layers in map view
• Vector survey tracks
• Access to seismic Profile View with click on survey line

• Data filters for reducing noise in profiles
• Downsampling and TVG for enhanced data display
• User-defined water and sediment sound velocities
• Automated bottom tracking tool
• Reflector digitization
• 'Profile Folding' fence diagrams

Profile Display and Output
• Pan, zoom, roam options
• Display borehole information on profiles
• Bi-color color pallets for analog data
• Data fusion for enhanced interpretation
• Output reflectors and layer thicknesses as CSV files
• Export profiles to new SEGY, SD file or vertical GeoTiff

• GIS-based interface and processing environment:
  Triton Perspective Map™ (included)
• Bathymetry processing and editing with:
  Triton BathyOne™ (optional)
• Sidescan mosaicing with:
  Triton MosaicOne™ (optional)

PDF Guides

SB-Interpreter Guide

Subbottom Processing Guide
Workflow oriented user guide for data processing and interpretion.

Navigation Processing Guide

Navigation Processing Guide
Discussion of different workflows for best processing results.

Perspective Guide

Perspective User Guide
Comprehensive user guide for Perspective.

TechWeb Guides

 • Triton SB-Interpreter Guide

 • Perspective Custom Projections

 • Installing S-57 Charts



Perspective Install
This is the installation file for Perspective Map™.


Stand-alone SB-Interpreter Install
This is the installation file for the stand-alone version of SB-Interpreter™ (version 7.5, Dec 2011). This application is still supported but no new development will be performed on this product.

External Apps


Google Earth™
Free global visualization application for viewing KML exports in a 3D Earth model.


Free application by IVS for the visualization of exported SD object files.


Sentinal Drivers

Sentinal Dongle Drivers
Dongle driver installation executable.


Utility for modifying where data is stored in the XTF file so it can be correctly interpreted by Triton software.


Utility for modifying coordinates, plus changing header values for units and number of traces per ensemble.



Triton XTF to SEGY File
Converts data recorded in an XTF subbottom channel to a SEGY formated data file.

Email Triton for zip file passwords and/or demo software licenses.

This product is built to work under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


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