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SeaClass™   Automated Seabed Classification Software


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Triton SeaClass™ is an advanced seabed segmentation/ classification module that automatically characterizes bottom types based on statistical properties of sidescan mosaics or multibeam backscatter data. SeaClass™ is available as an optional module to both of Triton’s mosaicing and mapping software packages, Triton Map™ or the new Triton Perspective™.

SeaClass™ is based on a multi-layer perceptron supervised neural network. The classification procedure consists of two stages: a learning stage and a classification stage. Training is accomplished by the operator selecting areas in the mosaic of differing bottom type (e.g. sand, rock, mud, etc.). Training of the classifier neural network then proceeds through an automated statistical analysis of the selected samples and a characterization of each type. The following classification stage is a completely automated process where the entire mosaic image is segmented into the different classes.

Results of the classification are displayed overlain on the mosaic image with each area colored or optionally with vector/line boundaries around each area. Output from SeaClass can be the DXF boundary vectors or a GeoTIFF mosaic image with the displayed color-coded areas.


• Exploits multi-core processor architecture
• Multi-layer perceptron supervised neural network
• Automated segmentation of entire mosaic image
• Spot classification mode (Perspective only)

• Habitat mapping
• Subsea development
• Mine Countermeasures (REA)
• Marine Geology

• Sidescan mosaic or multibeam backscatter image
• Import or manual entry of training samples
• Import of existing classification parameters
• Output classified areas to DXF files
• Export mosaic with classification overlay to GeoTiff

• GIS-based interface and processing environment:
  Triton Perspective Map™ (included)
• Sidescan mosaicing with:
  Triton MosaicOne™ (optional)
• Multibeam/backscatter processing with:
  Triton BathyOne™ (optional)
• S57 or S63 electronic navigation chart background

PDF Guides

SeaClass Guide

SeaClass User Guide
Workflow presentation for classifying bottom types from backscatter or snippet processing.

Perspective Guide

Perspective User Guide
Comprehensive user guide for Perspective.

YouTube Videos

SeaClass Guide

SeaClass Video
Demonstration of Triton's seafloor classification module in Perspective.

TechWeb Guides

 • Perspective SeaClass Module

 • Perspective Custom Projections

 • Installing S-57 Charts



Perspective Install
This is the installation file for Perspective Map™.

External Apps

Global Mapper

Global Mapper™
Low cost solution for creating smooth sheets from processed results.


Google Earth™
Free global visualization application for viewing KML exports in a 3D Earth model.


Sentinal Drivers

Sentinal Dongle Drivers
Dongle driver installation executable.

Email Triton for zip file passwords and/or demo software licenses.

This product is built to work under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


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