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Isis® SS-Logger is Triton's data acquisiton software for traditional sidescan and SAS sonars and is included in the Isis® Offshore-SS product package. Triton's SS-Logger™ continues to be the most advanced sidescan sonar acquisition software available today. The easy-to-use, extensively field tested core components of Isis® form the basis of Isis® SS-Logger™, including servers to most sidescan sonars on the market today. The software is fully flexible and adaptable as new survey requirements SS-Logger™ integrates external sensors including GPS & gyros and correctly logs arise. Isis® and geo-references sonar imagery into XTF files. The current version of Isis® SS-Logger™ will work under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Presented below are some of the tools available in
Isis® SS-Logger™:

Sonar Software Interface

Included with the purchase of SS-Logger is an analog or digital sonar software interface for real time sonar control during data acquisition. Software interfaces are available for most sidescan sonars on the market. Note that this is only a software interface and any hardware needed to connect to the sonar should be provided by the sonar manufacturer.

Bottom Tracking

The bottom tracking utility allows users to track the water bottom when there is no altimeter information available. Bottom tracking can be performed using a gradient or amplitude method, by setting a constant value for the depth to the seafloor, or by manually clicking in the waterfall display.

Real-time TVG

The TVG and Balance utility allows the user to correct for signal loss due to attenuation in the water column. TVG curves can be generated manually by the user or in AUTO mode the utility will update the curve on a ping by ping basis to keep a uniform greyscale balance.
The balance option allows the user to normalize the display to adjust for one channel being darker than another, while also looking at pixel balance to level out the across track signal and eliminate striping in the image.

ASCII Reports

ASCII Reporting allows the export of information from any field within the XTF file during acquisition or replay. Export of information can be based on intervals of Time, Distance, or Pings . Data may be exported to a dialog box, through a serial port (for registration on an external navigation system), or to an ASCII file. An essential module for organizations that require detailed survey reports.

Snip File

In playback mode, Isis SS-Logger allows the user to create a new XTF file from a selected portion of the original data file. This is very useful for AUV data that includes lines turns and the descent and ascent of the vehicle.


The printing option of Isis SS-Logger allows the on-line or off-line creation of hard copy records of the sonar data. A number of thermal printers are supported including Alden, EPC, Oyo, TDU, Ultra, Waverly, and ISYS. Options are available for a variety of annotations including Event marks. Printed records may be corrected for speed and slant range.

Coverage Map

Coverage Map is used for tracking survey progress, monitoring overlap between survey lines and for smoothing navigation before mosaicing (in Isis or TritonMap).

TargetPro (optional)

Triton TargetPro™ is an image processing and analysis application linked to Isis® SS-Logger™. Targets are captured from the Isis® SS-Logger™ waterfall window in real-time during acquisition or in playback mode. Numerous image processing options are available for enhancing the feature of interest. Length, width, and height measurements may be made, with all results exportable in a variety of ASCII formats. The data can be geocoded to create mini-mosaics that are exportable as GeoTIFF files.

MosaicPro (optional)

MosaicPro is Triton's low cost mosaicing option that creates a mosaic in Coverage Map through playback of XTF files in Isis SS-Logger. Lines may be moved relative to one-another and displayed in either “cover-up” or “shine-through” mode. The processed mosaic can be exported as a GeoTiff file.

SS-MosaicRT (optional)

SS-MosaicRT™ produces a real-time mosaic that greatly increases survey productivity. The mosaic is created as the survey proceeds with each survey line displayed in correct orientation to the others. Lines may be overlain on navigation charts or other background information that may be available in GIS format. Contours, navigation hazards, or contacts may also be displayed on the mosaic image. This capability allows survey operators to monitor the quality and coverage of the sonar data and alter the survey plan to ensure full coverage or gather more data on a feature of interest.


Data Acquisition
• Analog or digital sonars
• Four simultaneous sidescan channels
• Configurable serial I/F
• NMEA navigation
• Cable out / layback
• XTF file output
• Simultaneous recording of subbottom
• Simultaneous recording of singlebeam
• Option for combined multibeam/sidescan

• Multiple waterfall windows
• Selectable color
• Speed correction
• Voltage window
• Telemetry display
• Scale lines
• Event marks
• Scroll forward / back
• File looping in playback
• Search file by time / ping
• Skip pings forward / back
• Play next file in time

Quality Control
• Status indicator for data logging
• Alarms for low altitude / storage
• Auto file changing
• Beam angle correction
• Grazing angle correction
• File size display
• Available space display

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PDF Guides

Isis Manual 1

Isis Manual Vol. 1
Volume 1 of detailed user manual for Isis.

Isis Manual 2

Isis Manual Vol. 2
Volume 2 of detailed user manual for Isis.

TechWeb Guides

 • Dongles and Licensing

 • Installing Chico Plus boards

 • Setting up Isis to record data

 • Interfacing to the Edgetech combined systems

 • Playing back files in Isis

 • Using the Historical Targets Utility

 • Supported Navigation Units in Isis

 • Using Triton Mosaic Basic

 • Creating a SideScan Mosaic in Triton Map

 • Using Beam angle and Grazing angle corrections

 • Navigation replacement using NAVinXTF

 • Using Layback in Isis SS-Logger

 • Edgetech Weighting factor in Isis

 • Real time transfer of Targets to Triton Map

 • ASCII report to output navigation data

 • Mobile Tracking using Isis and Triton Nav



Isis SS-Logger Install
This is the installation file for Isis® SS-Logger™.


Sentinal Drivers

Sentinal Dongle Drivers
Dongle driver installation executable.


Utility for modifying where data is stored in the XTF file so it can be correctly interpreted by Triton software.

Email Triton for zip file passwords and/or demo software licenses.

This product is built to work under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


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