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Perspective Map - Data Viewer Mode


Triton's latest release of our Perspective software can now run without a license file in "Viewer" mode. This new viewer mode is available to the survey community to allow users to:

  1) View Raw Data Files - import XTF and/or SEGY files to review the raw data

  2) View GIS Data - import background ENC files, GeoTiffs, and/or DXF files

  3) Open Perspective Projects - allows customers to hand off complete Perspective projects to clients

Here are some of the options available in Perspective Map without a license file:

  • Open Existing Projects

  • Import Raw XTF/SEGY Data

  • Import Background Data

  • Pan/Zoom Options

  • Map Measure/Profile Tools
  • Show Beamlines

  • Attitude Data Editor

  • Sidescan Waterfall Viewer

  • 2D Bathy Swath Editor/Viewer

  • 3D Area Viewer/Editor
  • Subbottom Profile Viewer

  • Subbottom Filters/LUT Options

  • Subbottom Profile Measurements

  • Digitize Reflectors

  • Display Borehole Data


Perspective Map Project Perspective Sidescan WaterfallView Perspective 2D Swath Editor Perspective 3D Area Editor Perspective Subbottom Profile View

To download the free Perspective viewer software, please click here.

It is important to note that this mode of Perspective is for viewing data and projects only! If you would like to save, export or print your work, a license file is required.

Please contact Triton at to recieve a temporary demo license or to request a price quote for purchasing Perspecitve.