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SMA Support

Welcome to the Triton Imaging Product Support page. This information is provided for users of our product who have purchased a Triton Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA). To take advantage of your SMA agreement please send details of your question to and include your current license (.lf) file.

Your license file can be found at the follow location on your PC:

C:\Program Files\Triton Imaging, Inc\License Files

If you have more than one License in that folder please attach them to the email also. More information about the benefits of enrolling in Triton's SMA program can be found at the link below:

  Triton SMA Program




Software Training and Installation Support

Triton engineers have designed comprehensive training courses covering all Triton Products. A primary focus of the training programs is to provide our users with practical information that can be applied in the field and office to improve your efficiency in gathering and analyzing data.

More information regarding our training options can be found at:

  Software Training

Triton Product Videos

A series of videos have been uploaded to YouTube to provide overviews of our products as well as live demonstrations showing how to get the most from our software. These videos can be viewed from our internal Product Videos webpage or by visiting Triton's YouTube site.

Please note that this page is in constant development so check back often for new videos to be posted!

TechWeb Guides

Triton's TechWeb Guides are extremely useful for getting started and quickly learning how to perform most tasks offered by our software. Detailed information is available on installing the sentinal dongle drivers needed to use our software with a dongle license, how to setup our software to acquire data, and data processing guides, plus information on using the various software utilities we also offer.

Use the link below to access the TechWeb site:

  Triton TechWeb Guides


Most software offered by Triton can be downloaded from our Downloads website. In addition to our standard software downloads, software utilites and converters are also available. Guides to using Triton software are available from the page as well as product brochures for our individual software modules and our new software packages.

Use the link below to access the Downloads site:

  Downloads Webpage