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Triton Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) Program



Software Updates

 • Customer is eligible to receive all major and minor updates
  during the subscription period via download or by CD upon request

Training Sessions

 • Access to free quarterly training sessions at Triton facility
 • Free training material and CD-ROM with application software
  and demo data
 • Triton Training Certificate for each operator and user

Telephone Technical Support

 • Direct Access to a Triton specialist (16hGMT – 04hGMT)
 • Capitola, California Office: 831 722 7373

Online Technical Support

 • Send all E-mail questions to
 • Questions will be promptly answered by a Triton systems specialist

Priority Access

 • Support to users’ critical operations
 • Tap into our survey experience for solutions to your
  survey challenges





Triton Maintenance