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The videos below have been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail images below

or from Triton's YouTube site.



Edgetech 4200 Interface  

Isis - Edgetech 4200 Interface

Setting the Isis interface to the Edgetech 4200 sonar for the first time.
Time = 3min 19sec

Benthos 1625 Interface  

Isis - Benthos 1625 Interface

Setting up the Isis interface to a Benthos 1625 sonar.
Time = 2min 34sec

Isis Pipe Tracker  

Isis Pipe Tracker

Demonstration of Triton's Pipe Tracker module in Isis.
Time = 1min 17sec




SB-Logger Subbottom Acquisition

Demonstration of Triton's SB-Logger software for real-time subbottom data acquisition.
Time = 1min 30sec



TritonMap RT Bathy  

TritonMap Real-Time Bathy

Demonstration of Triton's navigation tracking and real-time bathymetry gridding for data QC.
Time = 1min 20sec



Triton Bathymetry Processing  

Triton Perspective Bathy Demo

Processing of R2Sonic from Shallow 2012 Common Data Set in Triton Perspective.
Time = 2min 38sec

Perspective MosaicOne  

Perspective-SS (MosaicOne)

Demonstration of sidescan processing options in Perspective-SS.
Time = 6min 16sec

AUV Sidescan Processing  

High Quality AUV SideScan Mosaics

Using Triton Perspective to create high quality mosaics from data acquired by an AUV.
Time = 10min 51sec

Snip Lines  

XTF Line Snip in Perspective

Using the Snip Line tool in Perspective to prepare AUV data for processing.
Time = 2min 31sec

Clip Mosaic  

Perspective Mosaic Clip

Using a polygon to limit the extents of the processed data.
Time = 1min 35sec

Swath Editor  

Perspective Swath Editor

Demonstration of the basic swath editor functions. This video needs to be updated but still does a good job showing the swath editor works.
Time = 1min 46sec


Perspective SeaClass

Demonstration of Triton's bottom classification module in Perspective.
Time = 0min 50sec

Perspective CAD  

Perspective CAD

Demonstration of Triton's computer aided object detection module in Perspective.
Time = 2min 31sec